USAMS CD150 Powerbanka s Poutkem 10000mAh Dark Green


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Material: ABS+PC Capacity: 10000mAh Rated Capacity: 6000mAh Rated Energy Value: 37Wh (Can be taken on plane) Size: 143x69.5x15.3mm Weight: About 225g Micro/Type-C Input: 5V / 2A USB 1/USB 2 Output: 5V / 2A Dual Ports Total Output: 2A (Max) Battery: Li-polymer battery Accessory: Micro charging cable Compatibility: For Apple/Android phones Features: 1.Dual outputs, charge 2 devices at the same time. 2.Dual inputs, compatible with Micro/Type-C cable. 3.10000mAh big capacity, provide sufficient power. 4.LED display remaining power, with lanyard, easy-to-carry

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